Shelly Tribbey's Gingerbread House

This class is for those of you that already own the canvas, stitch guide and fibers.  Join us for guidance and encouragement with the goal of finally  finishing this magnificent canvas by Shelly Tribbey.  You can attend any or all of the sessions.  It is your choice, just pay for the session(s) you attend. 

For those of you wanting to take this class, we will be offering you that wonderful opportunity in the very near future.  Check back soon!
Per session fee: $40

Session 1:  November 9,2017      1-3:30pm
Session 2:  December 7, 2017      1-3:30pm
Session 3:  January 11, 2018        1-3:30pm
Session 4:  February 8, 2018        1-3:30pm

Skill Level:
Owner of Canvas kit
Bring your own canvas, stitch guide and thread kit, plus your normal stitching supplies.
Pam Coutant

Shelly Tribbey's Gingerbread House

$ 40.00
This is a per session fee.